Yushin Robotics

Yushin is Japan’s largest manufacturer of robots for the injection moulding sector. Yushin’s reputation is built upon supplying robots of the highest quality with high-speed movements & positional accuracy in every axis, all whilst offering user friendly controls.

Yushin offer a full suite of solutions for injection moulders, from the fastest take out robots available, through to general purpose robots for slower applications; robots to suit micro moulding, with specialized vacuum circuits, through to robots to suit 3000 tonne & larger moulding machines. Robots can be supplied with simple end of arm tooling, through to highly flexible tooling with servo-controlled wrist operations, allowing Yushin robots to work in much the same way as 6 axis articulated robots, that take up much more space.

Across Australia & NZ, Yushin is by far the most popular take-out robot, with Tasman having installed over 250 robots, with many of these operating in high-speed applications with cycle times as low as sub 4Sec.