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Industry Leaders

Our Partners

Injection Stretch Blow machines

Single & Twin Screw extrusion Systems

Adiabatic cooling & chillers

Desiccant Dryer specialists

Deep Draw vacuum formers

Pressure Transducers & control instrumentation

High speed food packaging thermoforming systems

Post consumer plastics recycling lines

Kreyenborg IR plastic drying & decontaminating

R & D mini extrusion lines and plastic testing equipment

LSR & Elastomer Dosing Systems

Screen changers, Gear pumps, & under water pelletizers

Ancillary injection units, Rotary Platens, Cube tooling

Material Handling Systems

In Mould labelling Systems

Tool maintenance & cleaning aerosol sprays

Manifolds, quick ejector couplings & water flow meters

Injection Moulding Machines

Temperature Control Units

Conveyors & buffer systems for injection moulders

Mixers for plastics compounding and masterbatch production

Bimetallic screws, barrels & tip sets

Yushin Robotics

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