Leaders in Plastics Processing Technology

Tasman Machinery

Leaders in Plastics Processing Technology

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Helping our customers succeed on the world stage

Whether it is our Sumitomo Demag all electric injection moulding machines; Our ultra high speed take out robots from Yushin, energy efficient extrusion from Bausano, or the worlds leading injection stretch blow machine from Aoki, Tasman Machinery only works with the worlds leading suppliers.

Our customers excel in their chosen fields of expertise, whether it be medical injection moulding, food packaging , extrusion or post consumer recycling systems.

The combination of our customers drive and the leading technology from our suppliers, married with Tasman Machinerys dedication to provding our customers an expert and friendly customer support and service, allows our customers to succeed in the international field.

Industry Leaders

Our Partners

Injection Stretch Blow machines

Single & Twin Screw extrusion Systems

Adiabatic cooling & chillers

Desiccant Dryer specialists

Deep Draw vacuum formers

Pressure Transducers & control instrumentation

High speed food packaging thermoforming systems

Post consumer plastics recycling lines

Kreyenborg IR plastic drying & decontaminating

R & D mini extrusion lines and plastic testing equipment

LSR & Elastomer Dosing Systems

Screen changers, Gear pumps, & under water pelletizers

Ancillary injection units, Rotary Platens, Cube tooling

Material Handling Systems

In Mould labelling Systems

Tool maintenance & cleaning aerosol sprays

Manifolds, quick ejector couplings & water flow meters

Injection Moulding Machines

Temperature Control Units

Conveyors & buffer systems for injection moulders

Mixers for plastics compounding and masterbatch production

Bimetallic screws, barrels & tip sets

Yushin Robotics

Leaders in Plastics
Processing Technology

For over 50 Years Tasman Machinery has proudly been serving the Australian & New Zealand plastics & recycling industries.

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