Specifically designed for packaging design and production Formech’s TF series represents a cost effective and compact alternative to high speed in-line machines.

Capable of processing reel materials up to 1.8mm and sheet materials up to 6mm, with plug assist as standard the TF is a highly versatile machine.

From chocolate trays to automotive interiors Formech’s TF series can adapt to a diverse number of applications. Series 2 advancements include ‘FCV’ (Formech Cycle View) control interface with 10” high resolution touch-screen.

Machine cycle status is clearly visible at a glance and all parameters can be adjusted in real time without interrupting the current cycle. By working closely with HD customers all over the world Formech has developed an intuitive, graphically driven interface suitable for operators at all experience levels.

Remote access via Ethernet provides online monitoring of all machine functions.


10″ Colour HMI/PLC featuring Formech Cycle View (FCV)
Wago control system with 10″ colour touch screen, real time adjustments, 1% heater increment control, Formech Cycle View and 40 preset memories.

Reel Feed
Assembly to hold reel materials.

Plug Assist with Speed Regulator
Pneumatically powered plug assist forces the heated material into the tool cavities to increase the thickness of material at the bottom of the cavities.

Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic heaters are well suited for high volume production when heaters are engaged for long periods and constant temperature must be maintained.

16 Independently Controllable Heating Zones
Sixteen heating zones provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials.

Pneumatic Heater Drive
Heavy duty pneumatically powered heater travel provides precise and rapid heater deployment, whilst braking prevents element damage.

Pneumatically Powered Clamping Frame
Pneumatically powered clamping system that provides powerful and effortless control.

Pneumatic Table with Regulator
Precise table speed control.

Table Height Adjust
Table height adjust shortens the tool table travel when using shallow tools and reduces cycle time.

Pre-stretch enables the user to pump air into the heated sheet, creating a bubble to avoid thinning of material with deeper tools.

Avoids material sag during the heating cycle and maintains an even distance between heater and sheet whilst providing the user with an audible indication the material is ready to form.

Vacuum Flow Regulator
Precisely regulates vacuum flow rate when a greater level of control is required with demanding applications.

Vacuum Receiver Tank
A vacuum tank that provides instant stored vacuum, for high demanding materials and shortening cycle times.

Vacuum & Pressure Gauges
A visual indication of consistent vacuum and pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

Safety Light Curtain
Protects users from accidental injury by halting all mechanical actions when light curtain is broken.

Twin Cooling Fan System
Overhead gantry and twin 550W fans to cool formed material and shorten cycles times.

0 Ring Clamp Seal with Milled Recess
The silicone ‘O’ ring is inserted into a milled recess that runs all around the edge of the forming aperture. The plastic sheet is then placed on top of the seal and the clamping frame is brought down to clamp the material tightly as the ‘O’ ring is compressed.

Oil filled rotary vane pump 21m3 / hr

Technical Specs

Forming area (mm/inches)
700 x 500mm / 27.5 x 19.7″
Sheet Size (mm/inches)
750 x 540mm / 29.5 x 21.2″
Max depth of draw
350mm / 13.8″
Max Material Thickness
6mm / 0.25″
Heating Zones
Heater type
3677mm / 144.8″
2600mm / 102.4″
2639mm / 92.5″
1150kg / 2534lbs
Single Phase Power Requirements
Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements
380-415V / 32A
USA – 3 Phase Power Requirements
208-220V /40A
Power Consumption
Air Requirements
80 PSI / 5 bar


Negative Gate for Clam Shell and Female Tools
Any part of a vacuum forming that is formed below the height of the aperture plate rather than above the aperture plate is referred to as a female or negative forming. If using a reel feed the formed female/negative items will catch on the right hand side of the table box unless there is a negative gate that can descend to allow the material to travel through the machine.

Reducing Windows
Reduces forming area to utilize smaller sheets of material and minimize wastage. Standard or custom size.

Spray Mist
Spray mist is combined with cooling fan systems (when fitted) to shorten cooling time.

Cooling Bolster
A water cooled plate to directly cool and regulate aluminium tool temperature for consistent and faster cycle times.

Heating Pyrometer
Sensor to provide accurate sheet temperature feedback and send heaters back upon reaching target temperature (except on the 686 and 1372 where it gives a digital readout). Emergency air storage tank supplies cooling continuity on shut-down to protect pyrometer.

Cooling Pyrometer
Sensor to provide accurate sheet temperature feedback and initiate mould release upon reaching target temperature.

Upgrade 26 zones

Twin Heater Upgrade
Top and bottom heaters to form demanding materials and decrease cycle times (16 zones top heater, 10 zones bottom heater).

Cooling System Upgrade
Additional cooling power that cools formed material and reduces cycle times and cool.

Servo Plug Assist
This feature can be used for more demanding applications, where multiple position and speed control descent to the millimetre can be achieved consistently.

Servo Table
This feature has the same accuracy and control as the servo electric plug assist where speed control assent and descent to the millimetre can be achieved consistently.

Full Temperature Feedback with Dedicated Heat Profile
Individual thermocouples are embedded in ceramic elements in order to provide full temperature feedback (PID – proportional–integral–derivative controller). The operator can set each heating element to the desired temperature which will then be displayed on the touch screen.

Quartz Heaters with Variable Standby
Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.

Multi User Pin Access Control

2 Stage Clamping
Front of clamp frame opens followed by the rear to allow deeper formings to be transported through the machine.

Spare parts kit
A consumable parts kit typically including seals, elements, filter, fuses, toggle clamps.