Herbold Meckesheim Recycling

Herbold Meckesheim from Germany are a world leader in post-consumer plastic wash lines for films and rigid plastics. Herbold Meckesheim has wash lines located throughout the globe. Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA, South America, Australia & NZ. If you are serious about post-consumer recycling, Herbold Meckesheim is a name you will know.

Herbold Meckesheim are a great innovator in the post-consumer plastics recycling fields, where their technologies such as hot wash systems and hydro-cyclones allows processors to produce an end flake of incredibly high quality.

For large capacity shredders & granulators needed for the massive demands & throughputs in the recycling industry, Herbold Meckesheim provide the highest levels of German manufacturing with a large range of force-fed shredders, both in dry and wet configurations.