SC Series

70S, 150S, 250S, 350S

As the natural successor to the industry leading Yushin SA range, the SC series delivers further refinements to performance, environmental impact and energy consumption.

For instance, the new optimal design features have resulted in a 10.1% weight reduction giving a 10.4% faster take out compared to the already impressive SA Series.


1 Stage Non-Telescopic Vertical Frame

The vertical arm on the take-out robot is single stroke one-stage type. The overall height of the machine is taller than two-stage telescopic arm.


3 / 5 Number of Servo Axes

Indicates the number of servo-drive axes.

servo axis

50-400-tonnes Clamping Force

This indicates the range of applicable size of moulding machines.

clamping force

E-Touch II Lite Controller

Compatible with this robot

Light & Rigid Alloy Traverse Frame

The horizontal travel axis frame is lightweight and high-rigid aluminum.

traverse frame

Single Support Kick Frame

This indicates single type kick frame which holds vertical arm from one side. This type is good enough for small size robots.

single support